Thursday, June 22, 2017


Hey guys!

Few months ago I cashed in my ipsy points  for the @promiseorganic coconut facial lotion. I love products that contain coconut, if you asked why, it's cause they smell divine and this lotion did not disappoint. I'm so glad I picked up two.

The Promise Organics Nourishing Coconut Milk Facial Lotion claims to brighten and revitalize skin even though I didn't notice any brightening my face did feel smoother and this is a great mixing medium for my TO VitaminC  it's very liquidy great for those with oily skin. It absorbs quickly with no sticky residue. Super lightweight that can be used in your A and PM routine or under your makeup.This performs well when sealed with an occlusive because of its light texture it might not be provide the necessary moisture the skin needs when used alone.

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Friday, June 2, 2017


Hi Errthangchic readers!

I was approached by UNIQUE4U to partake in a reviewing contest and I was one of the winners. As my gift I was sent the UNIK BLACK SNAIL RESTORE SERUM. They also sent me three samples to try out and a 10% off coupon code which I could share with my readers.

Unique4u ships worldwide with no minimum purchase and carries an array of brands such as Be the skin, Inta, Zymogen, Mizon and many others.

UNIK is a new skincare brand that has been introduced to the Korean skincare market, the abbreviation, UNIK stands for Unique Natural Ingredients Know-how.

I was super glad that I was sent a snail serum cause I was running out of my usual snail cream and I didn't want to wait for three weeks to be reunited with my snail bae. Honestly, snail is the best thing that has happened to me. It has helped with acne, it has helped me with my over exfoliated skin, it has helped with my dull skin and many more. Best part is anyone can use snail slime, unless you're allergic to snail mucin. It suits all skin types. Cool, right?


Product Description;
the UNIK Black Snail Restore Serum sounds pretty impressive.It claims that it can help restore and smooth skin with 70% black snail water and five super foods. It nourishes, lifts, whitens and helps with wrinkle care.


Personal Experience;
It's a thick, watery almost sticky white serum that I use in my A.M and P.M routine. This is the very first snail serum I have ever used, I have used many snail essences I have never crossed path with a snail serum. Until now. I cannot comment on its wrinkle lifting properties or whitening since I have been using it for less than two weeks although, it does nourish and hydrate my skin.

Best suited for;
All skin types


Where to buy?

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